Minify CSS Online

Welcome to the online CSS minifier.

Did you know that minifying css is one of the basic optimization you need to do in order to make your web site or app search engine and user-friendly? A research found out that if a website takes more than three seconds to load, 60% of the time the visitor bail on it and move on to another website? So making your website or app load faster is a crucial thing. To do that you need to follow few steps, one of the things is compressing and minifying your css code. That's not only for end users, search engines also give priority to a website that is well optimized and takes less time to render. This is where css minify tool comes in.

We offer few css tools to make your css code less messier and compress to minimum codes so it would load faster. Tou can minify, beautify, compile LESS and compile SCSS.

This is a free tool and does the job in a few seconds so you don't have to do it manually. Feel free to use this tool for your css codes and make your website or app load as quickly as possible.

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